Komboloi and Begleri

15/06/2014 18:11

The komboloi consists of beads made of plastic or acrylic material or bone, silver, wood, etc. Beads are drilled in the middle and tied with thread whose two ends are joined together with a knot.

When someone hold it in his hands, slowly-slowly he/she displaces the one after the other beads with the help of the fingers, or rotated them around the fingers.

The current komboloi or Greek worry beads has nothing to do with religious or ritual significance. It is used for many purposes, when one feels satisfied with his life playing the komboloi and feels immense pleasure. It is also used for relaxation and as a means to quit smoking.

 From what I've read somewhere, Aristotelhs Onashs and Andreas Papandreou were famous of  having a komboloi in the 20th century. For many years the komboloi was exclusively a right for men but slowly and steadily began to be hold also by women.

 The begleri also consists of beads made from different materials, and they are tied on both edges with a knot but the two edges are not joined together. It is used in the same way and for the same purposes as the komboloi.


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