Basic questions

13/08/2014 23:00

God exists?

I believe there is a God. The love and loyalty to God helps us to become better people in all areas.

There is life on another planet?

I do not rule because the universe is infinite.

There is justice?

Depends from the country that lives somebody and the judge that him will judge.

There is real and true love?

Yes, but the only one that cannot be denied is the maternal and paternal love.

What is Democracy?

It is the constitution, which respects human rights and gives the opportunity to the people to choose the best political leaders.

There is real democracy?

In the laws and constitutions may exist but are not implemented.

In final analysis the each population has the Democracy and the political leaders that his deserve.

Who are the good political leaders?

Good political leaders are those that lead their homeland to progress and growth and place always the interest of their homeland above anyone of expediency.

What is the domain name?

The domain name is the address of a website. Each website has its own address and there cannot be another website with the same address.

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